It's hard to believe it's been two years now since the horrible massacre in Orlando at the Pulse Nightclub and the events that followed that caused the formation of Haunters Against Hate. But the support and love for HAH has been amazing and truly inspiring. If you can suggest an organization that you think we should donate to, please click on the contact tab and shoot us an email.  So far, with sales from Transworld, Midwest Haunters Convention and online sales, we have raised $30,000.00 for LGBT organizations. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated, purchased a tshirt or raffle ticket, the amazing artists who donated items and the haunts who have joined on since we started a year ago. Lets keep it going!

Some of the amazing kids from Louisville Youth Group.

Pride of Indy Band

GBLT Center of Colorado - Denver

Stacie Walls-Beegle, Christopher Reybrouck and Charles M. Kirtland of LGBT Life Center

Paulo T Raya-Guffin, GSA Volunteer

High Desert Equality (on Friday the 13th) in Victorville, California

The Living Room for LGBTQ+ Youth in Milwaukie, Oregon


Nancy Mullen, Executive Director, and Carrie Noe

of Youth Outlook in Illinois.


Carmen Wampler-Collins, Jacob Boyd and Shannon Wampler-Collins of PCSO Lexington, KY


Glenn L. Means III from Imperial Court of Kentucky

With Jon Parker, Executive Director of

AVOL, Lexington, KY


Andrew Shayde of Arbor Youth Services, Lexington KY

Haunters Against Hate Staff TYlo.jpg

Joseph Clark, Dan Dumont, Pam Sheffer, Maxine Spencer

from Just Us at the Oasis Center, Nashville, TN


The crew of the Center for Black Equity located in Washington, D.C.


The OutFront Minnesota staff zooming in! (Minneapolis, MN)

Here are links to the organizations that Haunters Against Hate have donated to. If you want to suggest an LGBT organization, please send us an email and let us know!


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