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Haunters Against Hate is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides grants to help local nonprofits throughout the country service and support their LGBTQ+ communities, with an emphasis on youth. 

Our goal is to eradicate all forms of prejudice, discrimination, hate speech or action against the LGBTQ+ culture in America and to educate people on the LGBTQ+ community.

Since our formation in 2016 after circumstances surrounding the Orlando Pulse tragedy, HAH has provided more than $50,000 in grants to LGBTQ+ organizations. As of 2021, we officially became a 501(c)3 corporation.

To date, the money we have raised has come from individual donations, the sale of merchandise (t-shirts, patches, pins) at horror/haunt conventions around the country, special HAH nights at haunted attractions, memberships, and sales from our Book of Haunters series (coffee table books featuring haunters from around the world).
But we need your support. As our organization and grant-making capabilities continue to grow, our expenses will grow as well.
With your help, Haunters Against Hate will be able to:
• Provide more and larger grants.
• Have a presence at more cons to
cultivate more donors and promote our mission.
• Continue to have our own Haunters Against Hate events ("HAH: the Event").
• Create more merchandising for purchase and awarenesss.
• Continue our popular Book of Haunters series, which now has nine volumes.

We can't do it alone.

There are several ways to donate to Haunters Against Hate:
1) You can donate via the main page, which will take you to the square portal to complete your transaction.
2) You can send a check to Haunters Against Hate. Just send an email via the contact page to get the mailing address.
3) On social media, you can find us on Facebook at hauntersagainsthate, and on Instagram @hauntersagainsthate

In these times of extremism with regular attacks on the LGBTQ+ community, both its people and safe havens, it is more important than ever to expand the Haunters Against Hate mission. BECAUSE HATE IS THE SCARIEST THING OF ALL.

Pulse 6/12/16

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